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USBSamurai — A Remotely Controlled Malicious USB HID Injecting Cable for less than 10$

TL;DR: The Video is self-explanatory. (Wanna know how to make it? Read the article below.)

All started with this Tweet last April, when I wanted a damn cheap USB implant capable of injecting keystrokes.

It had to be:

  • Remotely Controllable

  • Fast in Typing

  • Tiny as f***k

  • Cheaper than a bottle of Vodka

The main idea (for the hardware-side) is to re-use the Logitech’s inexpensive Unifying dongles as implants within USB cables. To give you an idea… this is how much this dongle cost (CU-0007): 7.74 EURO!

What you need to do is DEAD SIMPLE:

  • Remove the top black case without breaking the dongle;

  • PULL out the PCB & the orange plastic holder [gently hold the metal case with a vice (use gum for projecting it) then with a pair of pliers gently but firmly pull out the stuff];

  • Pop-open an USB Cable (I do suggest either [1] or [2]) and solder the Vcc& GND to their related pins on the CU-0007.

  • Once everything will be in place, mount back the metal case of the USB male connector.

  • Then check if it fits the USB case and glue it with a drop of super-glue.

DONE. Congrats! You just created your First USBsamurai! Now you just need to pair it with @mame82’s LOGITacker v.0.1.3-beta and you are ready to pwn targets! Remember to first unpair all pre-paired devices: with the command munifying unpairall G700 firmware is limited to one paired device per time! For the Software-side, the good @mame82 came to help with his majestic LOGITacker framework! So far it supports 4 different NRF-based boards:

  • Nordic nRF52840 Dongle

  • MakerDiary MDK Dongle

  • MakerDiary MDK

  • April Brother nRF52840 Dongle

I personally opted for the 4th one [3] since is the only one with external Antenna (i.e. Longer Range). Just follow LOGITacker’s readme and install the v.0.1.3-beta and install I recorder a video to explain how to easily pair USBsamurai with LOGITacker. Enjoy :)




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